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17 Mar 2022 by Ludwig Boltzmann

Gender Equality and Diversity at the LBG

As one of Austria’s central research institutions, we are committed to ensuring gender-independent equal opportunities, a diversity-sensitive corporate culture and to raising awareness among all our employees.

In principle, gender equality is anchored on both the national and the European level. However, we still need considerable work to de facto achieve gender equality in many fields of life, including research and innovation: according to the European Commission’s “She Figures” report, only one third of researchers in the European Union were women in 2018. Therefore, the EU Strategy for Gender Equality 2020-2025 provides for targeted measures in the field of research and innovation; for example, a Gender Equality Plan as a mandatory requirement in the new research program “Horizon Europe”.

It is important to us at the LBG to anchor the most diverse competencies possible in our teams. The LBG Gender Equality Plan allows us to present in concrete terms how we are currently implementing these issues: in addition to measures to improve work-life balance (2020 certification as a “family-friendly employer”), we are focusing on the use of gender-equitable language, gender equality monitoring through data analysis, and gender sensitization in the areas of personnel recruitment and personnel development.

We at LBG will also continue to actively pursue this issue and will therefore continuously update the Gender Equality Plan as a living document to reflect upcoming developments.